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Back Pain

At the end of January, I experienced bad back pain. It lasted into the third week of February. This was probably due to a fall and the kind of work I do.

It probably started when I slipped and fell on the threshold exiting the kitchen into the garage. I was washing the car. My shoes were worn and wet. I fell on my hip. Well, at that time there was no pain. But because of the kind of work I do, it irritated the muscles in my hip. I missed a week of work trying to recover, but it didn’t help.

I tried many remedies, but they didn’t help. I went to my doctor and was given a shot that only lasted 3 days. The pain came back so I worked anyway. I prayed to the Lord at last and He gave me some ideas on what to do and they worked! I am about 95% in the good now! Thank God! Seek God first! — Arthur