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Sell My House??

On my knees every morning the Lord would tell me to sell my house. I thought, what!!!! No!!!! I didn’t hear that, I thought. I went to some of my friends and told them that I think God wants me to sell my house. He says it almost every morning in my prayer time. They would say, “God doesn’t want you to sell your house, you need a house and it is a nice house.”  That is what I thought too. I love my friends and they are the best ever and still are. 

I was still troubled about this deep in my heart–what God wanted me to do–and when the thought of selling my house came to my mind during the day I would just think it away. Plus, I dreaded packing and where am I going to live? I had other thoughts too. I ignored the calling to sell my house and a few years later I lost my house. 

God knows our future and He knows what is really best for us. I praise Him and thank Him for my trials. God has taught me how to trust Him during hard times. When I don’t want to hear what He wants me to do now, I ask Him to give me the courage to do it anyway. He always does. I love God. He always has a way out, and He promises that too. Trust Him, it is always best. — Joanie